Florida's so-called Smart Solar amendment is "smart" only for the utility companies that have poured more than $20 million into this attempt to guarantee that they can keep their monopoly on consumer energy. It is a pretty sad for the Sunshine State of Florida to even consider this amendment. We would like to go green and stop paying unnecessary funds.

The amendment is meant to confuse Floridians, and the state's Supreme Court never should have let it get on the ballot. We strongly urge voters to say "No" to Amendment 1. Read the article from Renewal Energy World on this topic.

It would be great to have a solar home in Florida, but we need the politicians and monopolies such as FPL to stay out of this.


Amendments typically come from citizen initiatives or, every 20 years, from the Florida Constitution Revision Commission. This shady-not-smart solar amendment exists only because the utilities saw it as a way to torpedo a separate amendment they didn't like.

Amendment 1 supporters acknowledge their ballot question isn't in response to widespread complaints from residents. Rather, it came about after another amendment sought to make it easier for Floridians to obtain affordable solar energy.

Source: the Sun-Sentinel