The opening of the Pembroke Road overpass occurred over I-75 Saturday morning, September 17. 2016. There was a ribbon-cutting ceremony, followed by a 5K run, bike ride and other family-friendly festivities on the overpass. Traffic started flowing across this new roadway before noon.The overpass has two lanes in each direction plus bike lanes, sidewalks, a median and fencing attaches the east/west Pembroke roadways.

The two-year, nearly $8 million project has been a dream of Miramar and Pembroke Pines city officials, residents and neighboring businesses for more than 20 years, but the money wasn't there until the I-75 expansion plans were finalized.

During the peak hours, approximately 3,800 cars travel on average per hour on Pines Boulevard and just over 2,000 cars ride per hour over on Miramar Parkway. Pembroke Road is in the middle of both of these roadways, and this new expansion should ease up traffic. The overpass does not have entrance or exit ramp connecting to I-75, but it will be a great relief on traffic and help to the travelers driving from east to west currently using Miramar Parkway or Pines Boulevard to make this cross over.

Broward County covered the cost of extending Pembroke Road on both sides to the bridge. Florida Department of Transportation built the overpass so its specifications would mesh with the ongoing construction along I-75. How great it is to have improved roadways!