Discerning distinctive residential single family properties or private renown exceptional South Florida ocean front condominium real estate sellers have the same life expectations and interuptions as all property owners. We dream we will be married and live happily ever after. We will always keep our business or  job and never suffer a loss. Our family will remain intact without illness or disease. We will have a very long life span. We will remain healthy and fit! We can buy and enjoy keep all our our wonderful living spaces for years. Reality finds us between our dreams and our thoughts.  Staying right on track unexpectly leaves us.

The most impressive present day solution to reach our home sellers is a short sale. Yes, realize now is time to admit to yourself it is fine to look at a new perspective and get on with your life again! We offer a very special preliminary evaluation of your home and our services within the short sale transaction.

Let us help you!

Susan J.  Penn, PA, EWM Realtor
Distressed Property Expert