Technology is driving innovation in luxury and, no surprise, the “Smart Home” is the next big trend which is in fact, already upon us. Leading home design companies, Crestron and Lutron are continuously leading smart home innovation, allowing homeowners to control every aspect of the home with the push of a button or even a voice command. Thinking about incorporating some “smart” into your home? Get started by gathering ideas with this list of innovative technologies to help simplify your life.

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1. HomeWorks QS

Invest in an unmatched total home control system with HomeWorks QS. HomeWorks QS allows you to save energy while controlling interior and exterior light, electric light and daylight as well as audio-visual and HVAC systems. Not only does this system provide you with the ability to regulate your environment, but it will also pay for itself over the life of your home.

2. Handheld Touch Screen Remote

Incorporate a handheld touch screen remote into your home and use this wand-style wireless touch screen controller for your home theater, or your whole-house control.The device even has voice recognition so you can easily change the channel or lock the doors through a simple command.

3. Serena Remote-Controlled Shades

Looking to sleep in a bit? Block out the light with Lutron’s Serena remote-controlled shades. These motorized shades are available in a wide variety of colors and textures and can even be operated using the Lutron App from anywhere in the world.

4. Surround Sound

Enjoy a surround sound experience in any room with this ultra high-definition system. Watch your favorite movie or dance to your favorite song with controlled access through a touch screen, handheld remote or mobile device.

5. myRoom

Designed for your guestroom, myRoom provides your visitors with complete control over the room’s lights, temperature and shades. What better way to make guests feel at home and relaxed throughout their stay?

6. Luméa Slide Fan Control

Cool your home with the Luméa slide fan control providing control of the fans in any room. The easy-to-use slide control adjusts the fan speed to your desired level and a push button switch quickly turns the fan on and off.

7. Yale® key-free door lock

The ultimate measure in safety, Yale® key-free door lock lets you to lock and unlock your door from any touch screen in the house or remotely using your computer or mobile device. You will never have to worry about forgetting to lock your door again!

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Source: Luxury Portfolio's Luxe Trends