1) Walls!

Look at you walls! Does it add a dynamic appeal to your home or are they dirty? When were they last painted ? ( interior and exterior )  Do you need a refreshing paint makeover? Neutral is usually the best shade.

2) Appliances!

How old are they? What color are your appliances? Replacing with the most updated look is the easiest option when selling?

3) Landscaping!

Are your standing in the street looking at your home? Can you find your home? Are your bushes overgrown? Did you landscape? Do you have sprinklers that work?

4) Closets

Open your closet doors. When was the last time you cleaned out your closet and organized your clothing?

5) Flooring

How old is your flooring? What condition is your flooring in? Is your carpet stained? How many types of flooring are inside your home?

6) Doors and windows

Do your doors and windows open and close easily? Does the natural light come shinning inside of your home?

7) Lighting

Does your lighting need light bulbs? Does each room have lighting?

8) Cleaning

Does you home smell like one of your pets of does it smell clean? Hire a cleaning service for a deep cleaning.

9) Staging

Is your furniture placed in the right locations to make your home feel warm and inviting?

10) The 2 most important rooms for buyers

A) Kitchen

B) Bathrooms