You are ready to purchase your first property, so make double sure you are ready knowing you have money saved  and have down payment money, closing costs money, inspection and appraisal for this amazing occasion! Call Susan Penn 954-557-5993 for information.

1) The first step is to speak with (1) or more mortgage consultants to obtain a pre-approval letter. These letters are usually good for a 3 month period.

2) You may be qualified for an FHA mortgage, a VA mortgage, a conventional mortgage,  let your realtor know.

3) FHA and VA mortgages are great for a single-family home or townhome purchase.

4) Conventional Mortgages are used for a condominium or home purchase.

5) Insurance is needed for a home purchase.

6) Property taxes will be paid to the county when purchasing.

7) There may be condominium fees, Townhome HOA fees or Single family HOA fees.

8) The home process once a home is selected usually takes 45 days.

9) Let's start!