We are right around the corner to celebrating 2013. This is the time when South Florida Real Estate Sellers eagerly place their homes on the market for sale. Start the New Year off embracing  9 Staging Tips:

1) Pressure clean - Staging starts the minute a buyer pulls in the drive way and looks at your home.

2) Mulch - It is amazing how attractive a yard looks with fresh mulch around trimmed bushes.

3) Flowers- A smile comes to most people when they see the freshness and color from these amazing plants.

4) Declutter - Open up your home by removing extra items around the house that give may the home a smaller look.

5) Pets - Wash your pets and keep the litter box clean.

6) Air Conditioner Filters - make sure you have fresh filters on your air conditioner system.

7) Shampoo carpets - Stains of any type or kind can turn off buyers really fast.

8) Kitchens - remove pictures from refrigerators and extra counter top items.

9) Windows- features such as crystal clear glass windows are quite desirable.

Let your buyers fall in love with your wonderful home. Call Susan J. Penn, PA, EWM Realtor at 954-557-5993 for more tips.