1) De-clutter -  This is one of the hardest points for the seller, as no one is very interested in cleaning out their closets and cabinets. When the buyer walks through your home their perspective is seeing space and organization. Clutter may be on your nightstand and dressers. Don't forget to clean out your garage. Sometimes the garage is so packed with items, Susan Penn cannot locate hurricane shutters without asking the client, where they are.

You may need to take out some of your furniture or re-arrange it. Have a garage sale or donate to charity if your items are no longer needed. I have include some thoughts from decluttering boards for you to look at:  pinterest on declutter. One of the great numbers is 1-800-Got-Junk. You call and pay 1-800-Got-Junk and they come pretty quickly. Marie Kondo, the bestselling Japanese author says, "Anything that doesn’t make you happy or isn’t absolutely necessary should be touched, thanked and sent on its way".

2) Depersonalize- This is the second important point for a seller. This is not just taking away family photos or extra accessories on your tables. From HGTV-Look at tip #4 from 10 Best Kept Secrets For Selling Your Home. Depersonalization also involves wall painting. The painting that appears on walls may need to be lightened or the pattern or entire motif needs repainting. Times change and these popular designs when you purchased the home, may no longer apply. Today's look is minimalistic. Grace Bonney wrote a great article on, "The White Wall Controversy". Why are you neutralizing? Again, you are appealing to the buyer. At the end of the day you are looking for results, just sold results!

3) Smell - If you have pets, make sure your air conditioner unit, ducts and air conditioner filters are clean. Wash their food bowls. Bathe your pets if needed, clean the liter box, clean or shampoo you carpets and clean your floors. Also, when you have a showing, if possible, take the pets out of the home.

If you are ready to sell your South Florida home, for more ideas, please call Susan J. Penn, PA  at 954-557-5993.